Your Rexburg Fall Bucket List!

Rexburg Fall Apartment

October is in full swing and we’re right in the midst of Fall! Rexburg is just starting to test our limits by dipping down under 40 degrees in the mornings, showing off it’s most beautiful sunsets and Halloween decorations in Hemming Village get us all in the mood for something spooky! You’re pulling our your plaids and puffy vests, but do you know how much fun there is to be had? Let Rexburg Apartment help you plan your next FHE activity or night out with friends!



[] Halloween is this week! There’s nothing scarier than checking deadlines for homework assignments…except maybe the Haunted Mill! One of the best scary events I’ve attended, definitely worth the wait! Admission is $10, but check out their website for deals like 50% off student night on Wednesdays!

[] Grab some fall scented candles or pine cones from Wal-mart! One of my favorite ways to feel festive during the chilly months

[] Nature Park has to be one of Rexburg’s hidden gems. A quaint little pond surrounded by shrubs and trees in the perfect fall color scheme is the best place for a Sunday afternoon walk (don’t forget to snag some free day-old bread from Jimmy John’s to feed the ducks!)

[] Fall flavors are something I look forward to all year! Kiwi Loco’s Pumpkin Spice frozen yogurt is one of my favorite treats this time of year! Or bake something pumpkin spice-y from pinterest!

[]Bonfires aren’t just for summer! Pick up some fire wood, s’more ingredients and a cozy scarf, head out toward Moody or Mesa Falls (be sure to stay in designated fire pits while in a National Park!) and have a fire with friends! This might be one of the cheapest activities around but underneath the stars you’re bound to have a good night!

[] The Cocoa Lodge is open! I stop by here on my way to school in the morning for a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Divinity! For less than three dollars you can customize your own cocoa and keep your hands warm during your walk up the hill to class

[] Fall colors have to be the best thing about the season! Grab Taylor Swift’s new album, a Redneck Sup from Great Scott’s and a few friends for a drive toward the Tetons to look at the gorgeous greens, golds and yellows!

[] Wake up early with your roommates and hike R mountain just in time to see the sunrise!

Add these to your bucket list and check them off before it gets too cold!

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