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Here are a few different scenarios that you might find yourself in:

1) You are a brand new freshman at BYUI. You don’t know where to live and you do not want to get stuck in an apartment that you do not end up liking. You had wished you could have come up to Rexburg and visited the campus and various apartments to see which one you would enjoy the most. You have to take a gamble on previous family or friends and their recommendations, but often that advice is outdated.

2) You have been at school in Rexburg for a couple of semesters now and have gotten an overall feel for housing in Rexburg. The only problem is you only hear the good things about every complex or the popular things depending on the type of people you have lived with or are friends with. You haven’t really been able to see what every complex can offer because you have been secluded to a small area where you currently live.

3) Your college career is in full swing and you are starting to provide for yourself. You need to find housing that is not only affordable but also accommodating. You have specific needs and want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Money is no longer a carefree option, you are now trying to save and provide for your cost of living.

These scenarios and many others are scenarios that we can all relate to in one way or another. When it comes down to it, you want the best housing that you will feel comfortable with. You want options, you want to know what you are getting for the money you are paying. This is where we make that possible.

Here at we want you to find the ideal student housing for you and your friends. Our unbiased search engine and interactive map will allow you to search different housing complexes based on important information like cost, size, amenities, and much more. You no longer have to rely on your uncle’s recommendation of the apartment he used to live in 20 years ago. You can now pick and compare different complexes to find the perfect apartment. 

Our goal is to help any college student, in any scenario, find the ideal living situation. And at, we make that possible.

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