Winter semester 2k15

Winter in Rexburg

Don’t sweat the New Year!

You have all probably made your resolutions to get up earlier, or workout more (shout out to the Hart building!) or drink less soda (or not). A new semester has just started for some of us and Rexburg seems like it got 30 degrees colder overnight.

Here’s a few tips for your new school year!

[] take advantage of the resources the school has to offer- ask questions at the library, try out a trainer at the gym, sample some of the food in the Crossroads (we recommend the Crepes)

[] set your alarm 5 minutes earlier- I know that seems like torture, but give yourself five extra minutes in the day to make a list of what you need to do, listen to a favorite song, or read a scripture

[] eat breakfast- even if you’re not hungry in the morning grab something (even a brownie left over from last night’s game night!) it will kick start your metabolism (GOODBYE FRESHMAN FIFTEEN) and you’ll be able to think clearer

[] buy some gloves- you don’t realize how cold your fingers will get while walking to class..until you’re walking to class. Grab some from the dollar store and your hands will thank you!

[] SMILE! Everyone on campus is cold, tired, and stressed. Find something to smile about and pass it on to the people you walk by on your way to class. You’ll instantly improve your  mood and maybe make someone’s day!

Good luck with the semester and may your resolutions last longer than January!

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