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Mountain Lofts Apartment

Mountain Lofts is one of Rexburg’s newest {and most innovative} apartment complexes. Having just opened this semester, it feels like they really thought of everything! They did a really good job getting their name out there with free events all summer long.

The first thing that drew me in was the parking garage! I’m kind of a baby and I hate scraping snow/ice off my windshield. Thanks to indoor parking, I never even have to get my ice scraper out of the glovebox. The parking garage seriously always has room, no more driving around looking for parking spaces! I can park less than 20 feet from my front door {Mountain Lofts you’ve outdone yourselves}. I never have to carry heavy grocery bags up a flight of stairs, which is a huge bonus. Living in a snowy town means I don’t want to walk out to the dumpster to take my trash out, garbage chutes on each level of the parking garage mean my garbage is out of sight, fast!

Inside the apartments themselves, I feel really cozy and at home. Stainless steel appliances add a touch of sophistication and in-apartment laundry is convenient and free {meaning I save my quarters for Diet Coke}

The memory foam mattresses are a blessing and a curse, but I’ve never had a more comfortable bed! Plenty of outlets in every room for chargers and other devices to be plugged in at arm’s reach {I’m not the only one who Tweets in bed!}. My favorite part is the bathroom! Each bedroom has their own bathroom, with a tub/shower combo and white countertops with space for EVERYTHING {a girl needs her products!}

The lounge and workout rooms are spectacular. They’re decorated kind of like a ski lodge with kind of a downtown city feel {you HAVE to see it} making it the perfect environment to get homework done, have group meetings, or host events. I watched General Conference in the game room, with 3 different screens and tons of seating, it was perfect for my friends and I!

I’ve had a really amazing experience with Mountain Lofts. Whenever there’s an issue- from toilets not flushing to accidentally signing a contract for the wrong semester {yikes} the management and maintenance team really treats me so well. I’ve never felt like I’m an inconvenience and they act like I’m a friend with a question rather than an annoying tenant with a complaint.

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