8 Reasons Why You Should Live At Mountain Lofts

It’s called fall because everything is falling– leaves, temperatures, gpa, motivation and even the prices at Mountain Lofts, if you sign before December 3rd!

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to single housing in Rexburg but Mountain Lofts is at the top of our list. It’s new, modern, close to campus and very social. If none of those points peak your interest, here are a few other reasons why Mountain Lofts is far superior to other apartment complexes.

The Fancy Club House


If I’m being completely honest, I feel like I’m staying in a 5 star hotel in Park City every time I walk into the Mountain Lofts’ Club House. It’s incredible and huge! There are plenty of rooms to study and a large commons area where you can host parties or relax in front of the fire.

The Convenient Mini Mart


Along with the awesome clubhouse, Mountain Lofts has a convenient little mini mart where you can get all snacks and goodies that your craving. Fuel up before studying or grab a Monster before leaving for a night on the town with your friends.

The Lavish Kitchen Appliances and In Apartment Laundry


Stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops make you feel like your Rachel Ray about to whip up the best meal anyone’s ever tasted. All food tastes better when you have enough space to cook so thanks for that Mountain Lofts. On top of that, laundry can be done in the comfort of your own apartment, hallelujah! You don’t actually have to put on pants to clean your pants.

The Friendly and Fast Management


I don’t even mind if something breaks thanks to the handsome maintenance guy who promptly comes to fix things that need fixing. The management is great at listening and taking care of problems and concerns and the staff is always there in the front office to help you out.

The Parking Garage


Two words. Covered parking. Yep, you will be incredible grateful for this come Winter Semester when everyone else is getting frostbite and running late to class because their trying to scrape the ice off their windshields.

Resident Appreciation


Mountain Lofts cares about its residents so much that they throw several parties each semester. They host good parties too like nacho parties, carnivals and more. Free food and fun. They know the way to any college student’s heart.

The Comfortable Mattresses


A good nights rest is finally possible thanks to their amazing mattresses. Say goodbye to sleeping on springs and let your college worn body sink into Tempurpedic heaven.

If you’re ready to make your college experience 10x better than it already is sign up for Mountain Lofts here. For more information about other available apartment complexes visit Rexburg Apartment.

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