Library Lockdown Survival Guide

Library Rexburg

Okay students. Listen up.

The semester is winding down and for some reason the snow decided that it’s short break is over (I promise you- that snow is here to STAY). You’ve survived your first day of school, came out of midterms with a small hope you might be able to save your grade and managed to have the Halloweek-end of your life.

And now we find ourselves in December.

Teachers are torturing us; projects and homework have climbed up on our shoulders and weigh us down more than ever. The snow may be light and pretty but inside our heads we’re FREAKING OUT

All of us at Rexapt have done it. We’ve cried in the testing center. Justified too many “study sessions” with the cutie that sits in the back of American Foundations. And  stopped at Maverick at 2am for Mt. Dew Code Red (not our finest hour). December is a tough month but we’ve got some HELP and ADVICE for you! Finals are approaching, and you’re on lockdown: Library Lockdown

Here’s some tips to keep you afloat!

 [] Start with water. (obviously finish with soda, but…) Seriously. It will keep you hydrated obviously- but water wakes you up, clears your skin (THANK YOU STRESS). It’s free. And if you’re going to eat junk the rest of the month, at least do your body this favor!

[] Plan it out! Make lists of what you’ve got to do- theres NOTHING worse than showing up in class while everyone has their 5 pages stapled and sitting on their desk and you’ve got nothing. Keep track of your work and set reminders if you need to!

[] Make time. Study guides, research papers, blog posts, group projects are overwhelming.  Just sit down and do it. No distractions, phone on airplane mode.

[]  Be honest. Your teachers believe in you and want you to learn. Believe me they know you’re busy and no, they aren’t trying to ruin your life. There’s always a faster, sneakier way to get out of doing something but FOR REAL those things won’t help. Just do your work. Learn as much as you can and do your part when needed

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