Kick that cold!



So Valentine’s Day, President’s weekend and Midterms are on their way. It’s a BUSY time for BYU-Idaho students. Up early, out late, fitting in study time as often as possible. The last thing we need is…a cold. The flu. Strep throat. Anything. We don’t have the time or energy to get sick!

Been feeling under the weather? Try some of these remedies to get your spirits back up, just in time to enjoy this Rexburg sun!

[] get some sleep. Seriously. If you’ve got tons of studying {who doesn’t?} try to plan out enough time during the day so you can get to bed early. Your body will do it’s healing while you rest. Don’t wipe yourself out during the day!

[] DRINK WATER. 10-12 glasses a day. It may seem like too much but it will speed up your healing process!

[] if you miss class or work, give yourself a real rest. don’t study or do homework during this time. This is your excuse to just watch Netflix {we give you permission!}

[] stay clean! Get a new toothbrush, wash your hands a ton, and wash your sheets. Germs can hide anywhere and can stop you from getting better. Take precaution!

[] know when it’s bad. Only you know your body well enough to know that a Dr. is the only one who can help! You can take all the precautions possible, but some times an anti-biotic is what you really need

Good luck staying healthy Rexburgies.


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