Jumpstart your morning!


Midterms just ended and summer has never felt further away. I think we could all use a little motivation to keep going through these last few weeks of the semester! We definitely think gratitude comes first no matter what. At BYU-Idaho we have a lot to be grateful for, but there are still some rough days, am I right?

Can’t get out of bed quite as quickly as you need? Change your alarm to a new tone or a favorite song. It really helps to start the day on a literal good note. Closet starting to bore you? Ask a friend or roommate if you can swap some clothes for a few days. There’s something about wearing a “new to you” outfit to school that just put a little pep in the step. Grab your favorite breakfast cereal next time you’re at the store. Even if it’s not the healthiest option, give your self some motivation to get out of bed and get at it! Don’t save homework from the night before. Get it all done at night- you really won’t want to get out of bed if you know you’ve got 500 words to write before your 10:15 class. Lastly, just be positive. Smile at strangers on your walk to class and look for opportunities to serve others around you. Try to have the best morning ever and watch it transform your day.


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