It’s that Valen-time again!

Valentines Day


Happy February!

A college student’s most stressful holiday {at least on this end} is around the corner. Here in Rexburg, couples are THE talk of this small town! I mean, our school isn’t nicknamed “BYU-I do” for nothing. Just a few more days and this single girl is faced with the Valentine’s Day dilemma!

It’s the day single people love to hate and those in relationships try to out do any dates which have come before. I’m probably supposed to hate “singles awareness day” but I just can’t! One scroll through pinterest and I just swoon. The chocolates, the glitter, cologne bottles wrapped in red bows and anthropologie candles burning while Safe Haven plays! I just can’t!

You’re probably sick of all the mushy Valentine’s Day talk, but there’s so much fun to be had {and lots of treats to be eaten!}

Here’s some links to MY favorite Valentine’s ideas for a Rexburg kid!

  • @dearlizzy valentine’s packaging on Instagram are a #basicwhitegirl’s dream
  • Aspyn Ovard’s Valentine’s date ideas look like so much fun! I would go any day of the year!
  • This gift from is sure to drive your crush WILD!


This semester, according to the BYUI website, there are more students on campus than ever before. Even if you’re special person hasn’t found you yet, grab some friends and have some fun feeling loved and loving others!



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