Introducing Windsor Manor



On Tuesday afternoon I took a tour of Windsor Manor. I hadn’t heard much about this complex but had seen it several times while driving through town and was excited for the opportunity to be able to take a tour. Windsor Manor really seems to have it all together. The complex itself is still under construction but it will be open for both men and women winter semester 2015. They have a model unit open for tours every Monday-Friday from 12-5, which is totally put together and decorated. During our tour one of the owners stopped in and asked our tour guide, Maria (the administrative manager at Windsor Manor), for help choosing paint colors for women’s bathrooms. Instead of making the choice herself, Maria turned to myself and other tour-goers for help. Letting future tenants be a part of their decision making process really stood out to me! I felt like she really valued us and cared what we had to say. Over and over she mentioned that attention to detail was one of their main goals. It shows! The amenities and features of the individual apartments illustrate how much they care about students and what our experience is like while living in an apartment. Two refrigerators in each kitchen mean plenty of room- there’s nothing fun about trying to squish eight cartons of eggs and eight gallons of milk into one fridge! A washer and dryer in every apartment so you’ll never worry about leaving your clothes in a laundry room, or hassling with quarters to pay to clean your clothes. Tons of storage in the kitchen, each person has their own deep cupboard and drawer, plus there is a lot of common storage as well. The bedrooms are another place where attention to detail really shines at Windsor Manor. Two USB ports next to each bed for charging electronics (there are six total electrical outlets in the bedroom), a light-switch beside the bed, large walk-in closet with extra shelving, and every bedroom has its own bathroom. Tenants have the choice of either a six or eight person apartment. Bathrooms in the six person apartment have a shower and the eight person layout has a tub/shower combo in the middle bathroom. The colors and vibe of the apartment itself feel really clean and comfortable. The kitchen is inviting with granite countertops throughout and a large island where roommates can gather for meals.

With 344 beds, a smaller size compared to some new complexes, Maria expressed how connected she feels to each student who will eventually make Windsor Manor their home. She referred to tenants as customers, expressing that she would do her best to make sure all needs are met. “We’re building communities here” Maria mentioned. The men’s and women’s buildings are close to each other, each floors hallways will feature decorations from different countries. Maria and I bonded over our mutual love of diet coke in styrofoam cups, as she hand-sealed a letter for each student on the tour, complete with a coupon for $50 off rent for the up-coming semester. Go on a tour and experience for yourself the great apartments and atmosphere at Windsor Manor.

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