Dessert First!

IMG_0626 is totally committed to helping you find your perfect apartment in town.

BUT! We also have a little bit of insight as to what there is to do in town! We’ve partnered with some really fun people to show YOU what Rexburg has to offer! We’ll be linking up with bloggers, business owners, photographers, and just all around cool people to deliver you the freshest ideas! First, we partnered with Veronica from Dessert First by Veronica. Here’s her story..

Hello! I’m Veronica Frazier from Dessert First by Veronica. My husband and I moved from Portland, Oregon to Rexburg back in 2012. I started a small dessert catering business out of our tiny apartment in Portland when I was first starting out, but I have loved baking since I was a little girl. I started making macarons when we moved to Rexburg and have been trying to perfect my recipe ever since! Then I started throwing dessert parties and took every opportunity to create something new or try a new recipe. I decided I was confident enough with my macarons to sell them at the Rexburg Farmers Market for the 2014 season. They were a huge hit! Since then I’ve promoted myself on social media (My Facebook page, Rexburg Garage Sale, Instagram, etc) and have done 1 giveaway during Halloween, and a  promotion for Christmas and Valentines. Both times I had so many orders I couldn’t keep up! Other than macarons, I’ve had several orders for birthday cakes but I also do cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, etc. I love what I do because it also allows me to stay home with my 8 month old son 🙂 I’ll be setting up a booth inside the Alterra building (front door is in between Deseret Book and Kiwi Loco) on March 6th from 5pm to 8pm and will be giving out free macaron samples! Come try them out for yourself and if you like them enough you’ll be able to buy them for $5 for a half dozen and $10 for 1 dozen!

Follow Veronica on instagram for mouthwatering photos of her insanely delicious desserts!

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