Rexburg Fall

Yeah, we’re lucky. We have the opportunity work hard at our jobs, in school, in relationships. We’ve got a library full of computers, a Chic-fil-a on campus, and a temple the lights up the entire town at night. This is the month of giving thanks and living in Rexburg we’ve got lots to mention!

  • Leaves all over Porter Park
  • Getting the perfect parking spot outside the Taylor
  • Short lines at the copy spot
  • FHE brothers who can bake
  • Apartment managers who skip clean checks for the week
  • Teachers who say “well, that’s all I have for you today!”
  • 32 oz sodas at Great Scotts
  • Tinder and Yik Yak giving students A LOT to talk about


What are YOU grateful for?


{{All month long, Rexburg Apartment will be sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, memories and more! Follow us on Instagram and keep up with us!}}


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