Awkward and Awesome

Life in this small town is a little weird, a little fun, a little TINY bit slow. When we aren’t trying to squeeze in a nap or getting in some extra study time in the commons, life’s got this weird balance of awkward and awesome things that happen. These things make for the best stories and our favorite things to chat about. We’re pulling a Daybook today and recording a few of our best A&A moments. Here’s some of our favorites lately…

Awesome is people holding doors for you when you walk into the building- awkward is holding the door for someone and they decide to open the other door for themselves. Like okay. am I supposed to walk through this one now?

Awesome is those booths set up outside the sky bridge with the candies- awkward is pretending to listen to their pitch when really you just wanted the Twix

Awesome is being able to walk across the street to your friends house- awkward is they live at Nauvoo, on the third floor. nothing like climbing three flights of stairs to show me just how out of shape I am

Awesome is having an on campus parking pass- awkward is waiting for a parking spot, seeing someone walk to their car, getting really excited cause you THINK they’re leaving, then they end up just dropping something off in their trunk. and I’m sitting there in my car right behind them, there’s no hiding now.

Awesome is when fast food employees are nice and say “see you again soon! have a good day!” awkward is when fast food employees say “see you in a few hours!”

Awesome is having parents come visit (shout out to free groceries!) awkward is running into an ex or ex-date with your mom or dad. MAJOR YIKES

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