A Day in the Life of a Mountain Lofts Resident

I always thought that the college experience required eating ramen in a moldy, apartment made of cinderblock, share a bathroom with six messy girls and lug dirty laundry to a public laundry room and proceed to insert quarters I found between couch cushions. It wasn’t until my Senior year and I was looking for married housing in Rexburg that I learned I could actually live in an apartment complex that I was excited to come home to. I gladly said goodbye to the stereotypical college life when I found Mountain Lofts.

My day kind of goes something like this:

9:00 AM-  Alarm Goes Off and I greet the day by…hitting the snooze button


9:10 AM-  My Senioritis may have settled in but this girl still has got to look fresh for the day.


Having a spacious bathroom located right in my bedroom, there’s no need for me to leave the privacy of my room when I want to shower and get ready for the day. Even better than that is the fact that I only have to share it with one other girl!

9:45 AM-  Dine like a queen. Even when I’m eating cereal.


With granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and hardwood-style plank flooring, I feel like I’m living in a model home every time I sit down for a meal.

10:00 AM-  Floor One Please


Slipping on a frozen staircase in the middle of winter, or lugging a giant backpack up 4 flights of stairs have never really been favorite activities of mine. That’s why I definitely love having elevators on every floor of my building.

10:05 AM-  Resident Appreciation at its Finest



Walking into the clubhouse is sort of like coming home. You feel welcome and free to kick back on the furniture, eat some candy from the candy jar and shoot the breeze with the friendly staff. If you have any questions or concerns about rent or your apartment, they’re happy to help answer your questions. Plus there’s a mini mart located right in the clubhouse!

5:00 PM-  Time to Get My Shine On



I have a crazy schedule and I don’t have the time to run over to the school gym, battle crowds of people to get a few minutes in on an elliptical or wait for my turn on some of the weight machines. Having a gym literally a floor below me, and another LARGER gym in the men’s building next to mine couldn’t be more convenient.

6:00 PM-  Dinner Time!


I grew up loving BBQ and really anything thrown on a grill. From fruits and vegetables to chicken and steak, I love grilling up my dinner. Lucky for me, right outside the lounge is a beautiful patio area with two grills just begging to be fired up.

6:45 PM-  I kind of don’t mind studying anymore


This is usually the time of the day that I dread, but not anymore when I get to do my homework in the Mountain Loft’s study room, equipped with two private rooms. But wait—it gets better. All my childhood dreams came true when I walked into the private study rooms and beheld white board markers…and a white board WALL. That’s right—not just a board—an entire wall just waiting to be written all over.

9:00 PM-  Fireplaces make feel classy


I don’t know about you, but when I sit in front of a fireplace, I feel refined and cozy all at the same time. So when I get to read a book in the lounge on new, modern furniture and sit in front of the roaring fire, Mountain Lofts just continues to score more brownie points from me.

10:00 PM-  “First, you take the mallow…”


Just because I can’t get enough of fires, I head out to the outdoor fire pit to hang out with friends and share the goey goodness of s’mores. Once again, enjoying another wonderful day at Mountain Lofts.

And repeat. 🙂

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