Why The Willows Should Be Your First Apartment Choice in Rexburg


If you’re looking for an apartment complex in Rexburg to fit your laid-back, casual life style, The Willows is the perfect place to live.  Each apartment comes with a 42″ flat screen TV, DVR, wireless internet, granite counter tops, faux wood flooring and more!

Since I’m married and don’t actually live in Rexburg single housing, I decided I needed to spend a few hours in The Willows to get a feel for what it’s really like. After speaking with a few residents and spending a couple hours there I decided that if I could come back as a single person, The Willows would be my first choice to live and here’s why.


The living room is huge so you can have lots of people over plus the couches are really comfortable.


Big bathrooms with lots of counter space is a must!


The kitchen has plenty of cabinets and room to cook.


Each bed has built in storage so there’s plenty of space to store all your clothes, which is one of the hardest things to find if I’m being honest.




The complex is conveniently located right next to Hemming Village and the BYU-I campus. This is especially important once the temperatures start to drop and the snow hits.




There’s plenty of lounging space to be found around the complex. They also have study rooms and a large TV room.


They’ve got a nice gym, for those of you who don’t want to have to walk to the school gym.



Some of the rooms come with a balcony which is awesome! And they have an large courtyard in the middle of the complex.


Yes, they having vending machines with actual Coke products. This in itself is a reason to live here am I right?


All in all, The Willow’s is a great place to live. If you want an apartment complex with friendly management, plenty of space, quality amenities and a great location then sign up for your next semester at The Willows!

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